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HeartLife Foundation is Canada’s first – and only – national patient-led heart failure organization. We are a federal charity that raises public awareness of heart Failure, engaging patients, families, and caregivers to provide education and support, facilitating access to the latest research, innovations, and treatments, and advocating better care for all.

About Us

The HeartLife Foundation is a patient-driven charity whose mission is to transform the quality of life for people living with heart failure by engaging, educating, and empowering a global community to create lasting solutions and build healthier lives.




Faces of Heart Failure

Faces of Heart Failure

Meet Sunny

Due to a genetic mutation, Sunny was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy at the age of 18. Sunny was born in Surrey, British Columbia, a perfectly healthy happy boy who enjoyed pewee football. Due to a

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Faces of Heart Failure

Meet Pegga

Weeks and months went by, and I increasingly became more fatigue and coughing a lot. I couldn’t walk very far and I stopped walking my dog. During Summer of 2014, I had a flu like

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Faces of Heart Failure

Meet Tracy

I thought I was just getting out of shape and since I had always enjoyed good health I assumed I was in control of it. I thought that I could fix it. Up until 2013

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Patient & Caregiver Charter of Rights

Our heart failure patient and caregiver charter was created to support our advocacy towards the implementation of a national standard of care for Canadians living with heart failure and their caregivers.​

Patient Journey

The patient journey map captures and summarizes real stories, emotions, questions, and lifestyle challenges heart failure patients experience in their care continuum. By truly empathizing with and learning what heart failure patients experience today, we can highlight the current needs, pain points, and wishes on how to improve care. We’re taking the first step to ensure the patient’s voice is heard.

Our Advocacy in Action

#HeartLife is well represented at the @GlobalHeartHub #UniteSummit22 with @MarcBains @jackie_ratz and @jilliannec all speaking.

Grateful to our #HeartLifeNation for allowing us to share your voice w the world. #ItsAboutLife

@CanHFSociety @chfalliance @SCC_CCS @CWHHAlliance

Don't miss 'The Optimal Care Pathway in Heart Failure' session at the @GlobalHeartHub Unite Summit next Nov. 30

We will discuss the barriers & challenges to the optimal care pathway from the nursing, doctor/cardiologist & patient perspective

Register: https://globalhearthub.org/unite-annual-summit/

#HeartLife #Champion @jackie_ratz is a fierce advocate for #WomensHeartHealth We are so proud her voice is now global! #ItsAboutLife #UniteSummit

➡️Register http://globalhearthub.org/unite-annual-summit/
🔖Read her story http://heartlife.ca/jackie
🛍️Support our Women's Group: http://lifeinhearts.ca

I am looking forward to speaking at the @globalhearthub Unite Summit on 29/30 November. This online event will bring together #CVD patients and patient advocates from across the globe. #GHHUnite @HeartLifeCanada
Join me – register for free: https://globalhearthub.org/unite-annual-summit @CWHHAlliance

Deeply honoured to be a part of @chfalliance lead by @jean_legare and @MarcBains

PWLE have equal leadership and are #engaged and #empowered

So proud of our own @MarcBains for this incredible opportunity. Our #charter forms the backbone.

#ItsAboutLife #CCCongress #CCC2022

And @HeartLifeCanada @jilliannec will follow on the panel! Don’t miss it!

Today in #HeartFailure at #CCCongress:


Joint presentation by @heartandstroke & @SCC_CCS

11-12pm EDT

Room 215

See the full schedule: https://www.eventscribe.net/2022/cardiocongress/agenda.asp?startdate=10/28/2022&enddate=10/28/2022&BCFO=M|S&pfp=BrowsebyDay&mode=&fa=&fb=&fc=&fd=

Coming up Today (Oct 28)

⏰ 11AM EST in
🚪Room 215 (and live stream)

Join @jilliannec along with @SCC_CCS @CanHFSociety colleagues discussing #advocacy of #heartfailure in 🇨🇦 #CCCongress

Jillianne will be speaking about the #PatientCharter

Had the great privilege to speak on the creation of the Heartlife Patient Charter, the global adaptation and translation (17 languages and 43 countries) by Global HeartHub, and importance of standards of care globally. Together we can change the way we think about and deliver heart failure care #ItsAboutLife

#HeartFailure affects more than 1 Million Canadians. #HeartLife is here to support those who suffer from this condition and those who care for them.

Today on #WorldHeartDay2022 we want you to know #ItsAboutLife

#FunctionNotFailure #HeartSuccess #useheart

Our Support Group

The HeartLife Foundation is a patient-driven charity whose mission is to transform the quality of life for people living with heart failure by engaging, educating, and empowering a global community to create lasting solutions and build healthier lives. 

Join our Help for Hearts closed Facebook group to get support and share ideas.

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Women @ HeartLife

The HeartLife Foundation is proud to support the Canadian Women with Medical Heart Issues Facebook group. 

HL joins the mission of this group lead by our HeartLife Champion, Jackie to inspire and support women living with heart disease or heart failure to Live Bravely & Love Boldly every day. You are not alone!

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Through a safe and supportive peer-to-peer environment, patients can access evidence-based resources, share their experiences with others, and work towards greater self-management, better patient outcomes, and improved quality of life. Download the My HeartLife app and connect with our community.