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HeartLife Foundation is Canada’s first – and only – national patient-led heart failure organization. We are a federal charity that raises public awareness of heart Failure, engaging patients, families, and caregivers to provide education and support, facilitating access to the latest research, innovations, and treatments, and advocating better care for all.

About Us

The HeartLife Foundation is a patient-driven charity whose mission is to transform the quality of life for people living with heart failure by engaging, educating, and empowering a global community to create lasting solutions and build healthier lives.




Latest News

Latest News

HeartLife Foundation in the Senate

Statement on the Heartlife Foundation by the Honourable Yonah Martin In her recent address to the Senate, Hon. Yonah Martin, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, shone a spotlight on an issue of paramount importance: heart

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Our Advocacy in Action

🌟 We're thrilled to share that the HeartLife Foundation had an amazing booth at the Heart Failure Update! 🌟 We were able to distribute nearly 10,000 vital resources to healthcare professionals for clinics all over the country. It was incredible to connect with so many dedicated individuals committed to advancing cardiac care. 💖 If you're interested in learning more or want to bring HeartLife resources to your clinic, please reach out to Jenny at [email protected]. Together, we're making a difference in heart health! 💪🔬
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🌟 The HeartLife Team is in beautiful Montreal for the 2024 Heart Failure Update! 🌟 We're thrilled to explore the latest advancements in cardiac care and research. From groundbreaking treatments to innovative research, exciting developments are on the horizon! 🔬
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Advocating for Change on the Hill!

HeartLife was honored to be invited by Senator Martin and Senator Osler to HeartLife Day on the Hill in Ottawa during Heart Failure Awareness Week!

We presented our National Heart Failure Policy Framework, an action plan for change, to over 50 parliamentarians from all parties.

By engaging, educating, and empowering people living with heart failure, we can improve their quality of life.

With early diagnosis, proper management, and patient input, Canada can revolutionize the way we deliver care!

Stay tuned for big things to come!

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It isn’t easy living with a chronic health condition like #HeartFailure. Its important to talk to your doctor about your mental health as well as your heart health. HeartLife has a free course available to help support your mental health journey when living with Heart Failure.

To find out more, visit heartlife.academy/

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🩺🌍 Today is World Hypertension Day! 🌍🩺

High blood pressure affects millions worldwide, but with the right knowledge and lifestyle choices, it can be managed and even prevented. Take a moment today to check your blood pressure and educate yourself on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Check your BP (Blood Pressure), eat heart-healthy foods, stay active, quit smoking, and follow medical advice.

Join us in raising awareness and promoting heart health. Check out the links in our bio for resources❤️

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Heart failure is not just a focus for a week—it's a lifelong journey. Let's continue to support and help the community throughout the year. This is why organizations like HeartLife exist, providing resources and a platform for sustained engagement.
To keep the conversation going and to find continual support from people living with HF, join our HeartLife Support Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/heartlifecanada (Link in Bio)
Follow @canadianheartfailuresociety for ongoing updates and insights. We are here to provide you with the tools and community support needed to manage heart failure effectively.
🔗 Visit heartfailure.ca to access valuable resources, learn about heart failure, and stay informed and engaged.
Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those affected by heart failure.
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📢 Did you know nearly 800,000 Canadians live with heart failure? This significant number underscores the urgent need for awareness and improved outcomes. HeartLife is Canada's first and only national patient-led heart failure organization. We are dedicated to empowering patients and advocating for systemic change to improve the lives of those living with heart failure.
During #HeartFailureWeekCan, we at HeartLife are calling on you to join us in our mission to make a real difference.
🔗 To learn more about heart failure and for practical tools to self-manage visit heartfailure.ca.
🌍 Together, we can spread knowledge and foster better care for those affected. Let's use this week to ignite a nationwide conversation and push for advancements in treatment and patient care.
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Do you know the signs of heart failure? Shortness of breath, fatigue, swelling in feet, ankles, legs and stomach and a persistent cough, it's important to recognize the symptoms early.
Knowledge is key to managing heart failure. 📘 Educate yourself about the symptoms and risks by by visiting the the Heartlife Academy heartlife.academy/ (Link in our bio)
Join us during Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024 to learn more. Be sure to follow @CanadianHeartFailureSociety for events and updates visit heartfailure.ca to access downloadable resources.

Did you know that Heart Failure can be connected to many other conditions?

Because our hearts are connected to everything, #heartfailure can be connected to many other health conditions. These are called comorbidities.

A comorbidity is any coexisting health condition. Comorbid conditions are very common for people living with Heart Failure, even in younger age groups. Heart failure can lead to comorbidity, and in return, comorbidity may promote the progression of Heart failure.

To find out more, visit heartlife.ca/health-passport/ (Link in our bio)

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The wait is over! Heart Failure Awareness Week 2024 is finally here. Let's come together to raise awareness and support those affected by heart failure. Visit the link in our bio for more information and resources. #HeartFailureWeekCan
Announce the kick-off of HFAW 2024 and how to get involved.

We are excited to kick off #HeartFailureAwarenessWeek! 🎉 HeartLife Foundation is heading to the hill this Thursday, May 9th, to meet with Hon. Yonah Martin and Hon. Flordeliz Osler. We're presenting our framework to help enhance cardiovascular care nationwide. #HeartLifeFoundation #CardiovascularCare #HealthcareAdvocacy #ItsAboutLife
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Because our hearts are connected to everything, #HeartFailure is connected to many other health conditions. These are called #comorbidities.

Heart failure patients often suffer from multiple comorbidities (cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular), such as an irregular heart rate or rhythm, high blood pressure, kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, iron deficiency, and mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

Prompt recognition of connected conditions (comorbidities) is of great importance in managing your heart failure. Heart Failure patients should consult with their doctor for signs of comorbidity development.

So when you’re talking to your doctor about Heart Failure, make sure to talk about possible comorbidities too.

To find out more, visit the link in our bio.

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The HeartLife Foundation is a patient-driven charity whose mission is to transform the quality of life for people living with heart failure by engaging, educating, and empowering a global community to create lasting solutions and build healthier lives. 

Join our Help for Hearts closed Facebook group to get support and share ideas.

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Women @ HeartLife

The HeartLife Foundation is proud to support the Canadian Women with Medical Heart Issues Facebook group. 

HL joins the mission of this group lead by our HeartLife Champion, Jackie to inspire and support women living with heart disease or heart failure to Live Bravely & Love Boldly every day. You are not alone!