HeartLife Foundation in the Senate

Statement on the Heartlife Foundation by the Honourable Yonah Martin In her recent address to the Senate, Hon. Yonah Martin, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, shone a spotlight on an issue of paramount importance: heart failure. As February marks Heart Month, she underscored the urgency of addressing this condition, which affects over 750,000 Canadians annually […]

5 factors to consider before exercising outdoors this summer

Summer brings longer, sunshine-filled days which entice us to spend more time outside. We appreciate the pleasant shift in the weather (especially after long periods of rainfall), howbeit, it’s necessary to exercise caution being physically active when the temperature and humidity rise. Exercise helps strengthen your heart so that it works more effectively. It increases […]

3 tips for balancing work and maintaining good health with heart failure

Each individual will experience heart failure differently, depending on their symptoms and the frequency with how they affect them. As a result, you can’t predict how things will be following a heart failure diagnosis. But many patients can and do lead a full and normal life when they manage their illness and focus on self-care. […]

Winter with heart failure: Things to be mindful of this season

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Canada with glistening snowfall, beautiful snow-capped mountains, and frozen lakes and rivers. However, our winters are also long, and often harsh, in much of our country. The cold season increases the risk of dangers for everyone, and for those living with heart failure, this is especially so. […]

Eat well: 3 Heart-healthy recipes for fall

Autumn brings shorter days, longer nights, and a drop in weather temperatures that makes you savour those cozy nights in. That’s why it’s a wonderful time of year to try out new, seasonal recipes that are healthy for your heart. “You may find eating with heart failure is a bit of a balancing act. While […]

Dining out: How to eat healthy with heart failure

Heart failure has many potential causes such as high blood pressure, excess body weight, high cholesterol, and also diabetes which plays a role in several ways. The connection between diabetes and heart failure starts with high blood sugar levels.   “Over time, high glucose in the bloodstream can damage the arteries, causing them to become […]