If someone you love has been diagnosed with heart failure, you’ll want to read this

Each year, 60,000 Canadians are diagnosed with heart failure, as reported by the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research. One in two Canadians have been touched by heart failure and the support offered by family members, friends, and other caregivers can often make a difference in the quality of life for heart failure patients. Carers […]

5 Things Every Caregiver Should Know

Being a caregiver adds an extra layer of responsibility to your life, whether you’re a parent, relative, or friend. Now couple this with managing a home, work, and being there for your loved ones. When a close family member or friend falls ill, it’s a juxtaposition that takes some getting used to. In Canada, there […]

Finding strength amid frustration: A caregiver’s perspective of heart failure

One million Canadians have heart failure, the most rapidly rising cardiovascular disease in Canada, as reported by the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research. That’s one million people who have been diagnosed with an illness, for which in 2018, there is no cure. Frequent hospital appointments, daily medication, monitoring your diet, and taking extra precautions […]