HeartLife Patient & Caregiver Charter

Our heart failure patient and caregiver charter was created to support our advocacy towards the implementation of a National Standard of Care for Canadians living with heart failure and their caregivers.

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Whose it for?

This Charter is intended for: Patients; Caregivers, including family members and loved ones; Health care providers; Policymakers and public and private payers.

What is it?

A Patient/Caregiver Charter outlines a set of rights and responsibilities to support the creation and implementation of a National Standard of Care for Canadians living with HF and their caregivers.

The Aim?

The aim of this Charter is to improve the overall Quality of Life for Canadians with Heart Failure (HF) throughout the care continuum.

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As a Canadian living with Heart Failure, I have the following rights:

Receipt of an accurate and timely diagnosis of HF.

An accurate and timely diagnosis is essential to initiate treatment that will relieve my symptoms, improve my quality of life, reduce hospitalizations, and prolong my survival.

Availability of services and resources to support my mental health throughout my care continuum.

Mental health issues, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, and mental stress, are common in HF patients and our caregivers; these disorders have a deeply negative impact on our overall well-being.

Access to educational tools and resources, including an advance care plan, to empower me to effectively self-manage my health.

Throughout my journey as a HF patient, my family/caregivers and I will have many questions about my disease and how we can optimize our wellbeing. To support us, we need educational materials and resources that answer our questions, are available at any time, and address a variety of topics.

Empathy and compassion from health care providers.

Recognition amongst health providers that my designated caregivers have the right to access and interact with them on my behalf. Standard patient-driven training for health professionals about the burden of HF on patients/caregivers and how to support us. Openness among health providers to respectfully discuss any questions I have about alternative therapies.

Access to multidisciplinary care team throughout my journey.

Access to multidisciplinary care team throughout my journey that includes a Heart Failure specialist, a nurse, a pharmacist, mental health support, a dietician, a cardiac rehab specialist, and my general practitioner.

Timely access to the best standards of care and medical therapies that are currently available.

Timely access to the best standards of care and medical therapies that are currently available. Access to healthcare professionals who have the expertise needed for my health condition within timelines outlined in current, evidence-based standards of care. Public funding of medications and device therapies will aid in my care.

Opportunity to provide input into decisions regarding future research into HF.

Establishment of a federally funded research track that is solely patient-driven. Quality of life indicators are included, whenever possible.