HeartLife Patient
and Caregiver Charter

Our heart failure patient and caregiver charter was created to support our advocacy towards the implementation of a
National Standard of Care for Canadians
living with heart failure and their caregivers.

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Who's it for?

This Charter is intended for: Patients; Caregivers, including family members and loved ones; Health care providers; Policymakers and public and private payers.

What is it?

A Patient/Caregiver Charter outlines a set of rights and responsibilities to support the creation and implementation of a National Standard of Care for Canadians living with HF and their caregivers.

The Aim?

The aim of this Charter is to improve the overall Quality of Life for Canadians with Heart Failure (HF) throughout the care continuum.

As a Canadian living with Heart Failure, I have the following rights:

Our Charter has been adapted, translated and endorsed by the Global Heart Hub:

The Global Heart Hub Patient/Caregiver Charter outlines a set of expectations and responsibilities to support the creation and implementation of an internationally accepted standard of care for individuals living with Heart Failure (HF) and their caregivers.

The overall goal of this Charter is to support the development of optimal high-quality care and to promote its adoption internationally across all healthcare systems.

The International Charter is endorsed by Global Heart Hub Affiliates, including:

Our Support Group

The HeartLife Foundation is a patient-driven charity whose mission is to transform the quality of life for people living with heart failure by engaging, educating, and empowering a global community to create lasting solutions and build healthier lives. 

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Women @ HeartLife

The HeartLife Foundation is proud to support the Canadian Women with Medical Heart Issues Facebook group. 

HL joins the mission of this group lead by our HeartLife Champion, Jackie to inspire and support women living with heart disease or heart failure to Live Bravely & Love Boldly every day. You are not alone!