COVID-19 Vaccine & Heart Conditions Information Sheet

1. Talk about your concerns
Talking about your concerns will help to make you feel less anxious about the vaccination.
2. Be prepared
Be prepared at your vaccination appointment to tell the vaccination administrator about your heart conditions and medications.
3. Reduce your bleeding risk
If you are on blood thinners, expect a bigger bruise or bleeding around the injection site. This is normal. You may have to press on your injection site a bit longer than other people, but the bleeding should stop before you leave the vaccination clinic.
4. Plan your Vaccination Appointment
Plan the timing of your vaccination appointment. If you have a complex heart condition and can only reach your healthcare provider or cardiologist during the weekday, schedule your vaccination appointment on a weekday in case you need medical advice due to side effects.
5. Follow the public health protocol
Follow the public health protocol and wait for a minimum of 15 minutes after you receive the vaccination. This will allow you to get assistance if you experience any immediate side effects.
6. Get the Facts.
There is a lot of misinformation about COVID-19 and vaccines. If you come across information that concerns you before or after your COVID-19 vaccination, you can find trusted information on the Canadian Medical Association website or on other highly respected websites listed on our information sheet.
7. Want more info?
This information is brought to you by the HeartLife Foundation ( in partnership with the Chinese Canadian Heart and Brain Association ( and in collaboration with heart disease experts. This resource is endorsed by the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (, Canadian Adult Congenital Heart Network ( and the Canadian Heart Failure Association (

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