HeartLife Toolkit

Monitoring My Health

Keeping track of your health status is important to maintain a healthy heart and can help guide changes to your lifestyle or care plan.

My Medications

Keep track of all the medications you are taking (prescription and over the counter), as well as vitamins and other herbal remedies. Make sure to show your doctor at your next appointment.

Symptom Checker

If you experience new or worsening heart failure, you may experience some of these symptoms.

What to Expect

Tests you may have to diagnose and monitor heart failure


Patient Charter of Rights

Our heart failure patient and caregiver charter was created to support our advocacy towards the implementation of a national standard of care for Canadians living with heart failure and their caregivers.

Patient Journey

The patient journey map captures and summarizes real stories, emotions, questions, and lifestyle challenges heart failure patients experience in their care continuum. By truly empathizing with and learning what heart failure patients experience today, we can highlight the current needs, pain points, and wishes on how to improve care. We’re taking the first step to ensure the patient’s voice is heard.

Contact Us

HLF is available for “heart-to-heart” support for patients and family carers, discussions with potential partners, and for media interviews.

Media Inquiries

Sarah Harper
Proof Strategies
[email protected]

General Inquiries

[email protected]

Join Us

Have your voice heard. If you are a patient, family member or friend of someone with lived experience of heart failure or if you are a practitioner, allied health professional, not-for-profit or corporate partner, or simply a concerned citizen – Become a member – it’s free.

Our Support Group

The HeartLife Foundation is a patient-driven charity whose mission is to transform the quality of life for people living with heart failure by engaging, educating, and empowering a global community to create lasting solutions and build healthier lives.