5 Tips For Staying Active and Fighting Fatigue During Fall

It’s official; fall has arrived in Canada. Across the Lower Mainland, colder fronts are already creeping in, and in Albertan cities like Calgary, record-breaking levels of snowfall have left residents stunned. Needless to say, it’s imperative to take caution when undertaking daily tasks in colder weather as risks are higher and extreme cold can put

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5 factors to consider before exercising outdoors this summer

Summer brings longer, sunshine-filled days which entice us to spend more time outside. We appreciate the pleasant shift in the weather (especially after long periods of rainfall), howbeit, it’s necessary to exercise caution being physically active when the temperature and humidity rise. Exercise helps strengthen your heart so that it works more effectively. It increases

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3 tips for balancing work and maintaining good health with heart failure

Each individual will experience heart failure differently, depending on their symptoms and the frequency with how they affect them. As a result, you can’t predict how things will be following a heart failure diagnosis. But many patients can and do lead a full and normal life when they manage their illness and focus on self-care.

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